About David...


David James Nielsen provides high-quality original music for media, as well as for the concert hall. His creative work ranges from computer-based synth scores to full orchestral music. Each of David’s music compositions is created in his home studio, which is either brought to life through an array of talented musicians or the best-sounding synthesizers and samples available. Through his work composing for television and film, David has developed strong, flexible skills that would be of value to almost any film and television production company. He is passionate, dedicated, motivated, and highly committed to creating quality work. David is also a person with great people skills and works well as a team player. If you would like to hire David to compose an original score for your film, television, or video project, please feel free to contact him at davidjn77@icloud.com or 323-308-0760. He would be happy to answer all of your questions and discuss the direction of your musical needs.


David is a graduate of the prestigious Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television program at the University of Southern California. David was born in Calgary, AB, Canada, and entered the musical world playing piano starting at age six. He began composing at age 15 and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music Degree from the University of Calgary. From 1997 to 2003, David served as Composer-In-Residence for Pleiades Theatre/Vertigo Mystery Theatre and composed the musical scores for approximately twenty-eight theatrical plays. David currently lives in Apopka, FL, and has scored or provided music for several film and television productions that include AL AND THE LOST WORLD (short film), THE GUEST LIST (documentary), AL AND THE METEOR (short film), COASTAL DREAM (short film/music video), DAY DREAMING (short film/music video), SURVIVING CAMP ANALOG (feature film), SUPER SCIENCE SHOWCASE (film & series), THE GUEST LIST (documentary), ANNABELLE HOOPER AND THE GHOSTS OF NANTUCKET (feature film), RECLAIMING THE BLADE (feature documentary), DATED, TALL SHIPS: THE PRIVATEER LYNX (documentary), A TIMELESS JOURNEY (short film), TALES FROM BEYOND (feature film), HAUNTING VILLISCA (feature film), OVERLAP (short film), THE BIG TABLE (short film), MAN VS. WOMAN (short film), THE LITTLE DOCUMENTARY THAT COULDN’T (feature film), and the television series ANIMAL EXPLORATION WITH JAROD MILLER. For the short film AL AND THE METEOR, David won the Original Score for a Short Film category at the 2021 Reel Music Awards and Best Orignal Score category Soundtrack award at the HEX After Dark (Halloween and Entertainment Expo) Film Festival in Calgary, AB, Canada. In 2008, David won the Gold Medal of Artistic Excellence Award for his music score for the short film MAN VS. WOMAN and the Bronze Medal for Excellence Award for his score to the film TALES FROM BEYOND (feature film) at the Park City Film Music Festival. David also has worked in various roles ranging from music score programmer and orchestrator to additional composer. Some of these titles include the TV series STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE (music score programmer), the television movies SILENT WITNESS (music score programmer), THE TENTH CIRCLE (music score programmer, orchestrator), FLIGHT 93 (music score programmer), FAITH OF MY FATHERS (music score programmer, additional composer), and the National Geographic Special EDEN AT THE END OF THE WORLD (Additional composer).