Annabelle Hooper and the Ghosts of Nantucket - feature film trailer

The trailer features some of the music David composed for the film.

David has been composing for the scores for the new Super Science Showcase educational series over the past year. The show is still in post-production.

Super Science Showcase: The Series

A Brief History of Hollywood

The short documentary featuring David's music about the History of Hollywood Sign and of the Technical advances in the Hollywood Industry.

Listen to the Soundtrack:

Surviving Camp Analog - feature film trailer featuring David's music

The feature film "Surviving Camp Analog" that David composed the score for.

Listen to the Soundtrack:

Super Science Showcase: The Movie trailer featuring David's music

The film "Super Science Showcase" that David composed the score for.

Listen to the Soundtrack:

AL AND THE LOST WORLD - short film

A short film directed, edited, and music by David. Mysterious natural forces transport Alistair and David to the Lost World but how they get back home is another question.

Listen to the soundtrack:

Coastal Dream music video/short film

Featuring videography, editing and music by David, this music video explores beautiful scenery of the California coast.

AL AND THE METEOR - short film

"Mysterious meteors crash to earth giving powers to anyone who goes near them". Directed, edited and music by David. The soundtrack won the Original Score for a Short Film category at the 2021 Reel Music Awards! and Best Soundtrack award for the Hex (Halloween and Entertainment Expo) - After Dark Film Festival in 2021

Listen to the Soundtrack:

"Day Dreaming" - short film/music video

Featuring videography, editing and music by David, showing some beautiful scenic areas in Florida.

Listen to the Single:

Conducting "Space Chase" - ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop

David conducting a 40 piece orchestra at the Fox-Newman Scoring Stage at 20th Century Fox to record his orchestral cue as a re-scoring assignment for the scene to the animated feature film 'Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius".

Journey through Technology - music video

Composed and conducted by David, this piece and is a hybrid orchestral piece with live orchestra recorded by Musiversal. It was inspired by how technology has helped humanity in numerous ways.

Listen to the Single: